Julian Sosa

Julian Sosa

  • Division
  • Bouts
  • Rounds
  • Ko's
  • Debut
  • Born
  • Residence
  • Welterweight
  • 11
  • 46
  • 27%
  • 03-28-2015
  • 01-01-96
  • Brooklyn, New York

Julian Sosa (10-0-1, 3ko’s)


From lacing his 1st pair of gloves at age 7, It’s safe to say that Julian Sosa has been around boxing for much of his life. With a compelling amateur record of 86-13, Julian decided it was time to graduate from the amateur ranks and jump right into the pro level at age 19. Two years later, he won the 2016 Ring-8 Prospect of The Year award and holds a record of 9-0-1, 3ko’s. Julian Sosa is here to take all he can in the sport of boxing which is why he aligned himself with Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Sports & Entertainment company. Under the direct guidance of RDS&E and New Legend Boxing, Julian’s mission remains clear, winning a World Title.

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