Frederick Lawson

Frederick Lawson

  • Bouts
  • Rounds
  • KOs
  • Born
  • Division
  • 27
  • 126
  • 78%
  • 1989-08-12 / age 27
  • Welterweight

Frederick Lawson (26-1, 20ko’s)

Like most kids residing in Accra, Ghana, Frederick grew up playing soccer.  He soon got fed up with all the injuries he suffered while playing the sport a decided to divert his focus to another activity.  Frederick’s close friend was a boxer and was getting all the attention in school.  One day, his friend took him to his gym where Frederick was asked to spar with several kids, and he got pummeled.  At 9 years old, that beating was etched into his brain.  Frederick promised himself that he would perfect his new-found love and become a World Champion.  With an Impressive amateur record of 80 victories and only 5 defeats, along with a promising professional record of 25-1, Frederick is now under the guidance of Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Sports & Entertainment where he hopes to one day become a future Welterweight Champion.

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