Edgar Berlanga

Edgar Berlanga

  • Division
  • Bouts
  • Rounds
  • KOs
  • Debut
  • Born
  • Residence
  • Super Middleweight
  • 7
  • 7
  • 100%
  • 04-29-2016
  • 05-18-1997 (20)
  • New York, NY

Edgar Berlanga (7-0, 7KO’s)

Edgar Berlanga, born in Brooklyn, NY but now residing in the lower east side, was an extremely hyper child.  Looking for ways to channel his energy, his parents encouraged Edgar to try different sports.  But after being introduced to the “Sweet Science” at the age of 7, Edgar put all his attention into perfecting his new-found love.  By age 8, Edgar began competing; annihilating his opposition, Edgar compiled an impeccable amateur record of 162 victories with only 17 defeats. Edgars’ resume includes just about every championship an amateur can acquire including winning the National Championship an impressive 8 times.  Now under the guidance of Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Sports & Entertainment, one of Edgars’ goals is to win a world title in the middleweight division all the way up to the cruiserweight division.  His other goal is to give back to his community while also helping to inspire kids that were just like him growing up. 

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